The School of Educators and AICOI cordially invites to you join us at the SOE Awards 2015-16, to celebrate and felicitate the Intellectuals, Schools, Colleges, University, Policy makers, Private Sector etc.

The Award is to honor those extraordinary individuals and organizations for their acts of compassion, courage and leadership in our shared struggle to eradicate illiteracy and its root causes from our communities. The honor is also for the people who have done extra ordinary work in the field of Education.

The School of Educators and All India Conference of Intellectuals – SOE Global Education Awards celebrate and reward the professionalism and flair of those teams making an outstanding contribution to University, Colleges, Study center ,Online education providers,  primary, secondary , senior secondary and special needs schools open for 1.3 million schools of India, private sector organizations, school suppliers n content suppliers , publishers, government bodies , agencies n personal , educators, policy makers and public figures.

“The SOE and AICOI  – SOE Global Education  Awards are a real showcase for institutions and educators involved in best practice. It’s crucial that all Institutions learn from those that are doing things exceptionally well, or trying out innovative ideas. If you want to shout about your achievements, and gain widespread publicity and credit for your great work make sure you nominate”

This year the awards are divided in three main categories:

  1. Higher Education awards
    1. Outstanding University
    2. Outstanding College
    3. Outstanding Higher Education Leader
    4. ecampus Award
    5. Outstanding University Study center award
    6. Excellence in Distance Education University
    7. Outstanding Contribution to Innovation and Technology
    8. Outstanding Support for Students
    9. International Collaboration of the Year
    10. Entrepreneurial University of the Year
  2.  Global  School Education Awards
    1. Outstanding School of the Year
    2. Best Practice Innovation  Award
    3. Inspirational Teacher of the Year
    4. Inspirational Leader of the year
    5. Lifetime Achievement Award
    6. Outstanding Resource Contributor of the Year
    7. Best eSchool Award
    8. Leader who changed lives
    9. Best School
  3.  Global  Private Sector Education Awards
    1. Best Digital Content provider
    2. Best Assessment Services provider
    3. Innovative School Support and supplier
    4. Outstanding Online Education provider
    5. Best Educational supplier
    6. Top Product of the year
    7. Best Start up company of the year
    8. Excellence in Education Journalism.

4. Life Empowerment awards

1. Life Skills promotion

  • School Ratana Award
  • Principal leadership -Jeevan Kaushal Award
  • Teacher leadership – Jeevan Kaushal Award
  • Best practices for School Journalism Award ( Separate awards for print and electronic media )
  • Special Educator Award

2. Value systems

  • Best practices value system promotion award

3. Health and wellness

  • Best practices – Health promoting school
  • Healthy School environment Award
  • Green School Award

4. Sports and fitness empowerment

  • Best sports facilities award
  • Dronacharya Award ( for Principal and teachers )