All India Conference of Intellectuals (AICOI) and School of Educators (SOE) invite you to participate in ‘International Conference 2012’. The theme of the Conference is ‘Education for a Dynamic World: Quality and Leadership Issues in Education’.  The main aim of the Conference is to discuss and debate on the quality and leadership issues of education to meet the requirements of an ever changing and dynamic world. The Conference is expected to be a congregation of educationists, educators, social scientists, experts from fields, policy makers, practitioners, researchers and social workers to deliberate different perspectives of education in the context of the changing world.

Proposed Sub-Themes:

The sub-themes of conference could be as follows:

  1. Education as a tool for making India a Superpower
  2. Main Players in Education System in India
  3. Globalization and Internationalization of Education
  4. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in education
  5. Government’s Role in Empowering Educational Institutions
  6. Education Policy and the Politics of Change in Education
  7. Overcoming Barriers of Governance in Education
  8. Internship for School Students
  9. Proactive Teacher and Students’ Empowerment
  10. Future Innovations for learning
  11. Open source materials- breaking the barriers
  12. Maintenance of Standards in School Education and Higher Education
  13. Education malpractice law
  14. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Education sector
  15. National Vocational Qualification Framework
  16. Leading Teacher Performance
  17. Leading the Curriculum
  18. National Accreditation Plan
  19. Education and International Migration
  20. Education and Human Development
  21. Challenges of Integrating ICT in education
  22. Markets and Private Sector in Education