Entrepreneurial University of the Year


In a knowledge based economy, knowledge has replaced material, capital and labour, becoming the most important factor of production. Universities are the producer of knowledge and industries are user of it, therefore both universities and industries need to build up a relationship with each other to achieve a common goal. Entrepreneurial universities are those universities which build a strong relationship with industries and carry out many industrial entrepreneurial activities in order to fulfill the present industrial needs.

This award is an opportunity to recognize those University / College which have embedded entrepreneurial activity into the very fabric of their institution to the extent that their environment and culture not only fosters enterprising thinking amongst all members of its community but also delivers significant entrepreneurial impact at regional, national and international levels

Criteria for Nominations:

  • imparting entrepreneurial education of good quality- organizing teaching to fulfill industrial requirements
  • encouraging students to form start-ups
  • providing consultation for a maximum number of industries
  • transferring technology from university to industries
  • promoting spins-off: firm formation
  • active engagement in the development of industry
  • teaching, research and service for society
  • staff members forming firms and receiving income to support university’s research and other activities
If your university or college has entrepreneurial characeristics which have gained it reputation as a good enterpreneurial university/college during 2011-2012, you are encouraged to file your nominations for the category- ‘Award for Best Entrepreneurial University/College’. 
Note: Judges may ask nominees to provide further information, including the visit to shortlisted enterpreneurial universities/colleges.