Best Innovative School Practice Award


This Award is for recognizing the best innovative practices introduced by schools. The Award is open for any school- new or old; public and private.

Criteria for nominations: 

If your school has made the following innovations, you can file your nominations for the award (criteria is not limited to the following innovations and may include additional innovations).

  • technology based pedagogy
  • digitalized curriculum
  • students’ engagement through digital content
  • internet literacy
  • student-centric classrooms
  • project/problem based learning
  • advanced modes of communication and interaction between students, teachers and parents
  • student as tech supporter
  • students’ empowerment

If your school has introduced the above-mentioned or any other additional innovations, you are encouraged to file your nominations for the category- ‘Award for Best Innovative School Practice’.

Judges will look for real innovation, so if you’re simply doing what everyone does this probably won’t be enough to win this category. The judges will be keen to see exactly what you’ve achieved and, most importantly, clear, quantifiable evidence of the success of the initiative. The judges will be particularly keen to hear from school’s that have done some innovation which have made a difference. Entries are welcome from schools themselves, or the organizations they have worked with.

Note: Nominees are requested to submit a brief write-up on the nature and features of their innovative school practice/s. Judges may ask for additional information, including visit to shortlisted schools.