Best Inspirational Teacher of the Year Award


Inspirational teacher often see more in students than what students see in themselves and helps students to become what they want to become. Inspirational teacher defines students’ potential, capabilities, widens their horizon and motivates them for accomplishments. They develop skills and enthusiasm in students they need to make a positive difference in the world.

This category of Award aims to celebrate the significant role of teachers in students’ life. It recognizes the contributions given by teachers in inspiring students towards learning and creating positive attitude of life and work. The Award is open for teachers of both primary and secondary level of education teaching in any discipline. The Award is open for the teachers who have been serving a school for more than five years.

Criteria for Nominations:

  • teacher who displayed excellent leadership qualities
  • teacher who encouraged students to explore and create
  • teacher who inspired critical thinking among students
  • teacher who responded to the diverse learning needs of learners with importance to responding to the special needs of students
  • teacher who has given successful direction to students’ career
  • teacher who motivates students towards positive thinking and positive ways of living
  • teacher who inspires students towards developing problem solving attitude
Who can Nominate?
This Award is a special category where Nominators would be students and school principal. Nominations of teachers have to be endorsed by at least five students who have been inspired by the teacher on the above-mentioned criteria. Further, these nominees would have to be recommended by school principal.
Nominees cannot nominate themselves. Nominators would be only students (at least 5 students) and school principal.
How to Nominate?
  • School principals are expected to submit a brief write-up carrying the name of nominee teacher, his/her qualifications, duration of service and their inspirational role explaining how they had played a positive role in inspiring students.
  • The endorsement letters from at least five students who have been inspired by the nominee teacher have to be attached with the write-up (students will explain in the endorsement letter about how the nominee teacher has helped them in overcoming barriers to learning and how they have been motivated by the teacher. Students would be expected to write in statements the inspiring role of teacher in their lives).
Note:  Judges may ask nominators for further information.