International Collaboration of the Year


This Award would recognize any exceptional projects carried out between the universities/colleges/teams/individuals and their international partners. The Award is open to any discipline in which an international collaboration has been established by a university/college or a team/individual with international bodies for carrying out a project.

Nominees are requested for the following:

  • explain background and objectives of your project having international collaboration.
  • explain the need and relevance of project for you and for your international partner
  • describe your working pattern with your international partners
  • describe the challenges you face while carrying out the project and explain how you have worked with your international partner to overcome the challenges
  • whether the collaboration led to other projects or long-term relationship with your international partner
  • explain how the international collaboration has enriched your experience and benefited your institution
  • explain what benefits are availed by your international partners by establishing collaboration with your institution

Note: Judges may ask nominees for further information including more evidences of creative and imaginative results from international collaboration.