Lifetime Achievement Award for Education


This Award is to honor outstanding leaders in education who have dedicated their lives to the enhancement of the Institution/Organization and advancing the field of education with their pioneering spirit, demonstrated innovation, advocacy and career achievements that have improved the education industry. The Lifetime Achievement Award would be presented to an individual member whose long-term efforts, dedication, and sustained commitment has supported the organization.

Who can Nominate?

Candidates cannot nominate themselves. Nominators can be a group of members (committee) of educational institution. The institution through its committee members can nominate more than one individual for this award on the basis of long-term service given by individual to the institution. Nominators are expected to keep the nomination process confidential and should not inform the nominees about their nomination. SOE/AICOI would notify the nominee about their nominations.

How to Nominate?

Nominators are expected to submit the following:

  • a letter of recommendation  with the description of candidate’s significant and fundamental contribution to education and educational institution. The letter must describe how the candidate’s leadership or mentorship has made a lasting impact on educational institution.
  • summary statement of not more than 100 words, summarizing the achievements and accomplishments of candidate for which he or she is nominated.
Note: Judges may ask nominators for further information.