Outstanding College


This category of Award would acknowledge and honor the efforts of outstanding colleges contributing to the qualitative improvements of higher education in India. The criteria for nominations include the good infrastructure, adequate supply of qualified teachers, variety of courses, attendance and retention of teachers and students, performance evaluation of staff, professional development of staff, leadership qualities of teachers and administrators, academic achievements, research quality, extension activities, exchange programs, publications, community outreach, financial and other resource management, student and teacher support programs, effective use of ICT, grading through assessment and accreditation process, examination and evaluation process, and internal and external evaluation of college.

The main criteria for the award is based on the evidence of excellence, innovations and pioneer efforts of the college that have gained reputation to it between July, 1 2011 to August, 30 2012.

Colleges that fulfill the above mentioned criteria are encouraged to file their nominations for the category- ‘ Higher Education Award for Outstanding College’.  Autonomous colleges are further encouraged to apply for their nominations for this category of award.

Note: Judges may request the nominee colleges for further information, including the visit to the shortlisted colleges.