Outstanding Contribution to Innovation and Technology


This category of Award is meant to recognize the innovations in higher education introduced by outstanding universities or colleges through the creation of better or more effective processes, services, practices, ideas, technologies and products in the field of higher education. The award would be bestowed to the higher education institutions for their excellence in generation, diffusion and utilization of technology in education.

The criteria for nominations of this category are:

  • fresh ideas and practices in higher education
  • innovations in institutional practices, teaching, curriculum, and assessment
  • active and collaborative learning
  • critical thinking and creativity
  • innovations/reforms in examination system
  • development of learning communities
  • innovations in interdisciplinary teaching and curriculum
  • innovations in distance/e-learning
  • technological/ICT innovations
  • infrastructural innovations
  • research innovations
  • innovations in capacity building or training
  • quality assurance
  • innovations in market networking
  • innovations of consultancy services
If your educational institution has made the above-mentioned innovations or other additional innovations in the field of higher education, you are encouraged to file your nomination for the category- ‘Higher Education Award for Innovations and Technology’.
Note: Judges may ask nominees for further information, including the visit to shortlisted educational institutions.