Outstanding Online Education provider


This category of Awards would acknowledge the effective role of online service providers in higher education towards increasing the access of students to a range of courses. The awards would be given to the best online  education provider that provides degree and diplomas either entirely or partly via the internet.  The criteria for nominations include:

  • greater array of professional and vocational courses
  • quality and relevancy of curriculum
  • proper dissemination of information and delivery of study materials
  • ease of transaction mode
  • enrollment of students for different courses
  • satisfaction of students or trainees with the online program
  • cost effectiveness and cost efficiency (low cost per leaner)
  • flexibility of programs and structures
  • suitability of fee structure
  • combination of online and in-person activities
  • effective evaluation process
  • rigorous and  timely evaluation and feedback mechanism
  • continuity of interactivity between the learners and instructors
  • greater linkages to specific workplace skills, projects, career paths, and identified practical needs
The main criteria of Award is the excellence and innovations exhibited by the online education providers in the field of online higher learning.

The online education providers in higher education who fulfill the above-mentioned criteria are encouraged to file their nominations for the category- ‘Global Higher Education Award for Outstanding Online Education Provider’.

Note: This category of Award is open only for those online education providers which are affiliated to and accredited by a recognized educational institution or authority.  Nominees must provide sufficient evidences of their achievements. Judges may ask nominees to submit further information.