Outstanding Support for Students


This award is based on the belief that excellent academic and pastoral support is central to enabling students to fulfil their potential and to ensuring students enjoy the best possible learning experience.

This Award acknowledges the efforts and achievements of staff who are responsible for innovative approaches to supporting student learning. The Award is open for all those who provide direct or indirect support to enhance students’ learning experiences. Staff who are encouraged to apply include, but are not limited to teachers, principals, library staff, students’ advisers and counselors, student support staff, school coordinators, educational technologists, technical and IT support staff.


  • any innovative service, activity or procedure which have supported students’ learning
  • creation of enabling and positive environment of learning
  • successful inclusion of children in difficult circumstances or those with special needs
  • successful handling and management of students’ academic stress
  • managing students’ behavioral problems
  • improvement or reforms in teaching, curriculum development or evaluation process
  • developing intrinsic motivation of students
  • providing real life experiences to students’ to stimulate critical or creative thinking

Note: Nominees are requested for submitting a brief write-up showcasing innovations in supporting student learning. Judges may ask nominees to provide further information.