Top product of the year


This category of Award would be conferred for the successful launch of an educational product. The product must be of such kind which  can contribute towards producing better educational outcomes in terms of teaching-learning, curriculum development, academic achievement, resource management, administration, training, inspection and supervision.

The products may include school management software, educational materials and toys, textbooks and notebooks, stationary, hostel equipment, digital education devices, ICT equipment, aids and appliances for special needs, souvenirs, sports equipment, arts and crafts equipment, musical instruments, logo designs and stamps, classroom and office furniture, swings and slides, uniforms, etc.

Criteria- The selection of top product of the year would be done on the basis of novelty, utility, uniqueness, demand and relevancy of the product and also on its ability for producing effective educational outcomes.  The quality of the product and the number of educational institutions using the product would be judged in essence.

All the educational manufacturers who think that their product fulfills the criteria for this category of Award are encouraged to file their nominations for the category- ‘Award for Top Product of the Year’.


Note: Nominees are requested to submit a brief write-up on the date of launch of product, educational clients of product, useful features, uniqueness and relevance of the product.

Judges may ask for further information, including the display and demonstration of product.